GIS Association Insurance Program Managers

Dietary Supplement Industry

R.M. Dick Griffin, former owner of Grifcon Enterprises, Inc., has formed Griffin Insurance Services (GIS). Mr. Griffin, a commercial lines insurance broker with more than 50 years of experience formed the National Products Liability Insurance program for the U.S. dietary supplement and natural products industry in 1996. The programs he helped create were successful in attracting more insurance markets willing to insure supplement companies, and provided a high level of service to dietary supplement companies by providing quick access for Products Liability at drastically reduced premium costs. In addition he and his partners established override programs and sponsorships, for the benefit of the industry trade associations and their members over a 19 year period, with a value exceeding more than $4 million. Griffin will continue to work with the dietary supplement industry to expand insurance benefits that will provide the most comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing.

Special News: AHPA Herbal Hero Award

February 2015 the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) awarded Dick Griffin, former owner of Grifcon Enterprises, the AHPA Herbal Hero Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the dietary supplement and natural products industry and has been credited for "the tremendous benefits that his programs have generated for the dietary supplement industry."

Cannabis Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Dick has been working with the Cannabis industry to establish a Cannabis Insurance program with benefits for association members, non-members and ancillary businesses serving the Cannabis industry. Dick is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) & National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce (NCCC).

As a consultant for RT Specialty LLC, (Chicago), with whom he has collaborated with for 16 years, he is backed by insurance markets that will provide all needed lines of insurance coverage companies in the Cannabis Dispensaries industry might need.

The program will include Commercial General Liability, Products & Completed Operations, Business Building & Personal Property, Workers Compensation and much more.